The first time you heard about VPN, you probably knew it because you want to access some websites censored by the government. To those who’ve just heard about this abbreviation, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. And we’ll discuss why you should start considering subscribing for a VPN service even though it may cost you some money. 

To Get Through Bans and Censorship

private network connectionIn this era of free speech, we all know that no nation can accommodate all of their citizens’ interests. In one way or another, censorship is always there on the Internet. And if you think it’s only about porn, then you are not well informed. For instance, in middle eastern countries, where women’s rights are suppressed, the Internet is the only means for them to express themselves and show the world that not all women there agree to compulsory hijab policy. In the West, you can access a third-party intel website, WikiLeaks, only if you use a VPN. There are more than just erotica and porn that you can get to with a VPN.

To Secure Your Transaction

vpn shieldIf you like to make purchases on the Internet, a VPN service will also protect you from a third party spy. Please note that once a hacker has your identity details, they are most likely to exploit it. If they have no intention to rob you, they’ll sell your data on the black market. Whatever it may be, getting your personal information leaked is never a good thing. 

With a VPN, a hacker can’t see what you do on the Internet because the VPN provider hides your true IP and activities. But this poses another problem. Before you pay for a VPN service, you need to make sure that the provider has a good record of keeping their clients’ data secured. 

To Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

vpn protectionPeople often think that bandwidth is the same as the Internet connection speed. But they are two different things that refer to two different concepts. Internet bandwidth is the data exchange rate across given paths. Therefore, you need high bandwidth, not only high speed, to get a flawless Internet experience. 

However, internet service providers often throttle the bandwidth of the connection on the user’s end so that their pricier packages can sell. More bandwidth means more users can get connected to the same router. And if your provider offers you different service package, let’s say, for five and more connected devices, then it is most likely that your connection is throttled. Using a VPN can avoid that.