Features of a Good Graphics Card

graphic card

Are you thinking of buying a new graphics card? Graphics cards are the video card that goes into your computer and allows it to connect to your monitor.

Many graphics cards include functions to speed up part or all of the screen: 2D graphics (for example, commercial graphics), 3D graphics (such as games), or video playback (for example, DVD playback). These tips will help you choose the right graphics card for you:


For high-speed graphics, use a card that connects to your computer using the AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) interface, not PCI. If your computer is not AGP compliant, it might be better to buy a new computer than to consider buying a graphics card.


More memory means faster performance. If you buy graphics cards for games, choose a card with a large memory (32MB is preferred). In the case of business applications, they generally don’t need as much memory, so you can save money.

Clock Speed

The GPU or GPU clock will determine the speed at which the processor can render pixels per cycle. The higher the clock speed, the more pixels will be displayed, and the faster it will be when playing games.

graphics card and case

Memory Range

Memory bandwidth is the speed at which your GPU can communicate with onboard memory. The higher the bandwidth, the better, so your device can handle all graphical problems with great ease.

Drivers Available

To get the most out of your graphics card, you must have the correct driver. You will need a new driver if you get a new card. You will also likely need a new driver if you update your operating system version. Make sure you keep a copy of your old driver and know how to recover it before installing a new one, as sometimes there can be driver errors.

Accelerated Performance

Be sure to review the list of features on the card and choose one that includes a quick review of the most important features. For example, if you like to play video games, it is good to choose a card with 3D acceleration capability.

Now depending on the specs you have and depending on the games you want to play, you have all the weapons you need to choose a good graphics card to control your gaming needs.